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The Colorado School of Public Health is built on the collective expertise and vision of three leading educational and research institutions: the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado State University and the Unive‚Äãrsity of Northern Colorado. ColoradoSPH is uniquely defined by our history, collaborative identity and collective strengths. Each day our faculty, students, alumni, and community partners work together to fulfill a commitment to protect and promote health across Colorado, nationally, and globally. Our history in collaborative partnership is defining our future.
Wednesday, August 28





A Paid Advertising Approach to Youth Study Recruitment using Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook  Quandary Peak 2Jessica Neuwirth • Kacy Crawford • Tara Dunn • Tashuna Albritton • Sheana Bull • Kelsey Ford Improving School Readiness: Opportunities for Local Public Health to Impact Oral Health  Torreys Peak 2Kalisha Crossland • Kari Plante, RDH • Natalie Thomas Sharing Capacity Across Jurisdictions: Local Public Health Agency Staff Panel Discussion Torreys Peak 1Jordana Sabella • Deborah Monaghan • Anne-Marie Braga • Kate Lujan • Keith Siemsen • Haley Stewart The Voice Behind the Numbers: Reaching Untold Stories and Dismantling Stigma Through Data Equity Grays Peak 3Kellie Teter • Abigail Steiner • Marissa Vasquez • Kaylynn Aiona • Ashley Wheeler-Bell • Seth Foldy Addressing Childhood Trauma: The Critical Role of Teachers Quandary Peak 3Ofelia Schepers • Swarnima Chaudhary • Erika Moldow • Anna Joseph • Megan Brennan Engaging Patients in Data Sharing Through Health Information Technology Grays Peak 2Henry Fischer • Adriana Collings • Silvia Gutierrez Raghunath • Holly Borland • Susan Moore • Arthur Davidson We've Hired Youth — Now How Do We Measure Success?  Torreys Peak 4Erin Harris (Slay) • Maritza Valenzuela • Kristen Ross “'Use a Condom’ - That’s Not the Point, the Point is Sex”: Sexual Health and Contraceptive Use Discussions with Emerging Adults in Rural and Suburban Areas of Colorado Grays Peak 1Jean Scandlyn • Lisette Martinez • Safa Mechergui • Sara Yeatman • Marisa Westbrook



Colorado's Tri-County Nurse Support Program: Integrating and Evaluating One Key Question Screening Tool Using the Omaha System Torreys Peak 2Mary Doran • Vicki Swarr • Lori A. Haas • Angelica Moreno Community Response to an Opioid Crisis: Strengthening Partnerships and Training for Effective Response to Opioid Related Emergencies in Communities Grays Peak 3Lindsey Kato • Lindsey Myers • Shannon Breitzman Developing a Survey for a Unique Population: Promoting Healthy Living and Tobacco Cessation among Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Longs PeakMichelle Hewitt Disparities in Use of Postpartum Contraception Among Urban Adolescents and Youth: Effect on Repeat Pregnancies  Torreys Peak 4Margo Harrison • Jeanelle Sheeder • Arthur Davidson • Carter Sevick • Sharon Scarbro • Rachel Zucker Innovations in Accessing and Visualizing Colorado's Public Health Surveillance Data or: It's About Time COHID was Retired Grays Peak 2Kirk Bol Measuring Up: Setting Achievable Targets for Community Health Improvement Planning Torreys Peak 1Alyson Shupe • Adam Anderson • Chris White Providing Water for All Colorado School-Aged Students is Something to Smile About Colorado Rockies BallroomJennifer Moreland • Christymarie Jackson • Laura Podewils • Erin Harris (Slay) “How Do You Take a Picture of Disparity?”: Using Photovoice to Understand Community Health Priorities Across Western Colorado Quandary Peak 3Andrea Nederveld • Tanner Mihesuah • Shauntel Thomas • Phoenix Wing • Elena Broaddus
Thursday, August 29



Breaking Free from the Restraints: Transforming Colorado’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Response to Behavioral Health Crises Grays Peak 3Eric Lucas • Amber Viitanen Colorado’s Story: Incorporating Community Voice and Multi-Sector Input into Colorado's Public Health and Environmental Assessment and Planning Quandary Peak 2Theresa Coons • Aaron Willis • Anne-Marie Braga • Amy Dillon • Alison Grace Bui Mumps Outbreak Associated with a Non-Vaccinating Community: Challenges and Lessons Learned Longs PeakDonna Hite • Leslee Warren • Joseph Jasperse • Amanda Metz • Jillian Jaskunas Results from the Colorado Congenital Heart Defects (COCHD) Surveillance System: Population-Level Surveillance for Congenital Heart Disease Among Adolescents and Adults in Colorado  Torreys Peak 3Lindsey Duca • Arthur Davidson • Alexandra Tillman • Suzanne Coleman • Matthew Daley • Tessa Crume You Would Die Without Us: What is Public Health's Rallying Cry? Quandary Peak 1Haley Stewart • Sarah Lampe • Peter Manetta Collecting and Using Qualitative Data: It's Not As Scary As You Think! Grays Peak 2Shylo Dennison • Jenny Case • Anne Hill Colorado School of Public Health's Latino Research & Policy Center Sponsored Session: Public Health Research, Program Implementation & Evaluation Inclusive of Latino Immigrant Populations Grays Peak 1Lisa DeCamp • Maria Saldana • Ashley Ambrose Creating County Level Profiles to Facilitate Community Assessments Colorado Rockies BallroomMaria de Jesus Diaz-Perez • Cari Frank The Power of Framing: How to Integrate Public Health Data with Community Experience to Raise Awareness of the Impact of Excessive Alcohol Use Torreys Peak 2Sarah Belstock • Kacy Crawford • Alexander Limas • Ken Scott







Poster Session - Anxiety, Depression, and Daily Marijuana Use Among College Students in Colorado Colorado Rockies BallroomTeresa Shap • Lauren Von Klinggraeff • Grace Turner Poster Session - Behavioral Health: Top Priority and Dozens of Solutions Happening in Our Communities and Across the State Colorado Rockies BallroomJordana Sabella • Emily Costello • Haley Stewart Poster Session - Building Community Partnerships to Promote the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Colorado Rockies BallroomKelli Curl • Myra Shanks • Andrea Clement-Johnson • Matthew Simpson • Sarah Brewer Poster Session - Creating a Plan to End the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Epidemics in Colorado Colorado Rockies BallroomSarah Rowan • Nancy Steinfurth • Christopher Grano • Karam Ahmad Poster Session - Designing a Stakeholder Engagement Methods Toolkit To Assist Researchers in Conducting Equitable and Well-Informed Public Health Research Colorado Rockies BallroomJulie Ressalam • Bethany Kwan • Matthew Wynia • Meleah Himber • Marilyn Coors • Suzanne Millward Poster Session - Experience of Primary Care Practices Work with Health Extension Programs in EvidenceNOW Southwest Colorado Rockies BallroomAshlie Brown • Paige Backlund Jarquin • Sarah Lampe • Miriam Dickinson • Perry Dickinson • Matthew Simpson Poster Session - First, You Measure: A New Model for Scoping Unmet Demand and Prioritizing Solutions Colorado Rockies BallroomJeff Bontrager Poster Session - Health eMoms reaches toddlerhood: Operational successes and Preliminary Data from the First Two Years of the Program Colorado Rockies BallroomAshley Juhl • CDPHE - State Health Department • Sarah Blackwell Poster Session - Issues and Opportunities for Reducing Opioid Use in Rural Colorado Primary Care Colorado Rockies BallroomJodi Holtrop • Rebecca Mullen • Linda Zittleman • Jack Westfall • Kristen Curcija Poster Session - Mapping Interventions and Information Systems for Clinical-Community Linkages: a Pilot Framework for Childhood Obesity Colorado Rockies BallroomKen Scott • Megan Harrison Poster Session - Self-Reported and Medical Professional Diagnosed Depression in Rural Colorado: Findings from the San Luis Valley Community Health Survey Colorado Rockies BallroomJini Puma • Jenn Leiferman • Emily Bergling
Friday, August 30