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Kody Gerkin

Tri-County Health Network
Colorado Rockies Ballroom
As Community Outreach Manager, Kody is charged with setting the strategic vision of the Tri-County Health Network’s multicultural initiatives. Unfortunately, significant barriers prevent our diverse population from accessing basic health and human services. Kody’s job is to identify service gaps and introduce targeted interventions to fill those gaps, utilizing community engagement, organization, and empowerment strategies. To prepare for this role, Kody spent several years in the Middle East where he served as a university lecturer teaching Spanish and intercultural communication course. He also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala (’06-’08), and returned to Guatemala in 2014 to found Mujerave, a nonprofit dedicated to women’s empowerment. Jody enjoys all things outdoors, but if you catch him inside he is probably reading or listening to Bob Dylan records and trying new recipes in the kitchen.