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The Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence Formed in 2002, the Center is the only neutral, nursing workforce-focused organization operating from a system- and state-wide perspective while at the same time working “on the ground” with over 175 clinical and educational partners from all segments of Colorado’s healthcare workforce pipeline. The Center’s Vision is: “Transforming Healthcare Through Workforce Innovation”. The Center’s Mission is: “Building upon a foundation of evidence, the Center advocates for and provides professional education, leadership development, coaching and data analysis to continually strengthen the nursing and healthcare workforce. Our defining strategy is to convene and engage the right people, at the right time, to develop and implement innovative solutions to emerging healthcare challenges.” In response to the disconnected nature of Colorado’s health care continuum as well as the fragmented nursing and healthcare workforce pipeline, a core principle is an intense focus on collaboration, networking and building cross-sector solutions. The Center has used its system-wide perspective and consensus-building credibility to create innovative, high-leverage interventions that help improve the volume, quality and operations of Colorado’s nursing workforce. Realizing that health care is a ‘team sport’, the Center is moving into dialogues, research, and activities that go beyond nursing to include Colorado’s entire healthcare workforce pipeline. The Center’s activities focus in several ways on creating a systemic, high-leverage impact on the nursing and healthcare workforce. Quality healthcare outcomes are very often achieved at the point of care, through patient-nurse interaction. With respect to this interaction, nursing researchers nationwide have identified the front-line nurse leader as the key link in organizing and deploying the staff and the necessary resources to achieve quality outcomes. Based on this reality, several of the Center’s programs focus on this key nursing leadership group. The Center’s Board and Advisory Council draws from the healthcare industry, the community and education, and is deeply involved in management, strategic planning, fundraising and helping to shape the future of Colorado’s nursing and healthcare workforce supply. The Center has a strong staff with broad expertise. Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence 5290 East Yale Circle, Suite 102 Denver, CO 80222 (303) 715-0343