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Wednesday, August 28






Benefits of Youth Involvement in Community Healthcare Advisory Councils and Boards Torreys Peak 4Gordon Duvall Hang on Tight: Using the “Ecocycle Model” for Effective Community Collaboration Quandary Peak 3Kate Jones Latino/a Health Disparties Report USA 2019 Torreys Peak 2Michael Cortes • George Autobee • Charlene Barrientos Ortiz Our Most Valuable Asset: Developing the Public Health Workforce Torreys Peak 1Elaine Scallan-Walter • Sarah Davis Supporting a Healthier Colorado: The Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Pulmonary Disease Grants Program Torreys Peak 3Abby Laib • Andrea Wagner • Cheryl Kelly • Allison Maytag • Morgan Clennin • Andi Bradley The State of Adolescent Sexual Health: A Vision Forward Grays Peak 1Danielle Tuft • Lisa Olcese Conducting Root Cause Analysis to Identify Social Determinants in Substance Use Disorders Grays Peak 2Arman Lorz • Laura Gerard Effective Public Health and Health Care System Collaborations to Improve Population Health Grays Peak 3Jennifer Moreland • Kelly Stainback-Tracy • Bill Burman • Megan Harrison • Ali Zirakzadeh • Nicole Steffens Policy and Advocacy 101 Skill-Building Session Longs PeakLucia Lapaz • Olivia Kenney • JK Costello • Carolina Ferraz • Eli Boone • Bethany Callaway Question, Persuade, Refer – 3 Simple Steps to Help Save a Life from Suicide Quandary Peak 1LIMITEDLindsey Dunbar Tools of the Facilitation Trade Quandary Peak 2Kimberly Boyd • Jenny Case • Shylo Dennison Transforming Health Narratives to Drive Community Change Colorado Rockies BallroomJodi Hardin • Hanna Nichols





2019 Legislative Debrief:  A Banner Year for Progressive Proposals Longs PeakJennifer Miles • Diana Protopapa Applying Lean Methodology to Public Health Improvement: How Denver Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) Actualized Over $2M in Savings in 2018 Quandary Peak 2Laurel Delmonico • Agathe Dorel Attack the Vape Epidemic: Translating Personal and Community Experiences into Action Grays Peak 1Zach Dunlop • Dee-Dee Vallez • Keith Cooper Becoming an Informatics Savvy Health Department Quandary Peak 3Kelly Weidenbach • Alyson Shupe Healthy Larimer Committee: Sharing Power through True Community Leadership to Ensure Health Equity Torreys Peak 1Sara Rhoten • Heather Haefer • Donovan Johnson • Isela Orozco • Queen How Will Colorado [Boldly] Deliver on the Promise of a 21st-Century Public Health System for All? Grays Peak 2Anne-Marie Braga • Theresa Anselmo Improving Access to Healthy, Local Food in Boulder County: Fruit and Vegetable Voucher Programs for Under-Resourced Communities Torreys Peak 3Melinda Morris • Rachel Arndt • Jill Strange • Victoria Lee • Amelia Hulbert Leading Hearts, Minds, and Policies Towards Health Equity Colorado Rockies BallroomLynn Borup • Kody Gerkin • Marisa Marshalka • Marlen Olivas Romero Let’s Talk About Sex… Positive Practices: From Theory to Action Torreys Peak 4Carrie Hankins Using Mobile/Web Applications to Obtain Case Exposure Data for Enteric Pathogens Quandary Peak 1Katherine Sabourin • Elaine Scallan Walter • Alice White Using the Spectrum of Prevention to Address Substance Use in Families Grays Peak 3Anne Auld • Jillian Adams Using your Thumbs to Effectively Connect with Youth   Torreys Peak 2Quatisha Bailey


Addressing Childhood Trauma: The Critical Role of Teachers Quandary Peak 3Ofelia Schepers • Swarnima Chaudhary • Erika Moldow • Anna Joseph • Megan Brennan Engaging Patients in Data Sharing Through Health Information Technology Grays Peak 2Henry Fischer • Adriana Collings • Silvia Gutierrez Raghunath • Holly Borland • Susan Moore • Arthur Davidson Health Equity and Environmental Justice in Data Visualization for the Statewide Public Health and Environmental Assessment Quandary Peak 1Loren Speer We've Hired Youth — Now How Do We Measure Success?  Torreys Peak 4Erin Harris (Slay) • Maritza Valenzuela • Kristen Ross “'Use a Condom’ - That’s Not the Point, the Point is Sex”: Sexual Health and Contraceptive Use Discussions with Emerging Adults in Rural and Suburban Areas of Colorado Grays Peak 1Jean Scandlyn • Lisette Martinez • Safa Mechergui • Sara Yeatman • Marisa Westbrook A Paid Advertising Approach to Youth Study Recruitment using Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook  Quandary Peak 2Jessica Neuwirth • Kacy Crawford • Tara Dunn • Tashuna Albritton • Sheana Bull • Kelsey Ford How to Make Your Health Equity Committee Equitable Colorado Rockies BallroomHeather Crate, MSW, LCSW • Maya Sol Dansie • Marcy Campbell Improving School Readiness: Opportunities for Local Public Health to Impact Oral Health  Torreys Peak 2Kalisha Crossland • Kari Plante, RDH • Natalie Thomas Innovative Approaches to Increasing Recruitment and Retention in Colorado WIC Torreys Peak 3Melanie Morrison • Greta Macey • Brigitte Boyd Sharing Capacity Across Jurisdictions: Local Public Health Agency Staff Panel Discussion Torreys Peak 1Jordana Sabella • Deborah Monaghan • Anne-Marie Braga • Kate Lujan • Keith Siemsen • Haley Stewart The Voice Behind the Numbers: Reaching Untold Stories and Dismantling Stigma Through Data Equity Grays Peak 3Kellie Teter • Abigail Steiner • Marissa Vasquez • Kaylynn Aiona • Ashley Wheeler-Bell • Seth Foldy Two Years Later:  Boulder's Sugary Tax Investments, Evaluation and the National Sugary Drink Tax Movement Longs PeakTessa Hale • Rachel Arndt



Addiction Treatment in Jails Quandary Peak 1JK Costello Colorado's Tri-County Nurse Support Program: Integrating and Evaluating One Key Question Screening Tool Using the Omaha System Torreys Peak 2Mary Doran • Vicki Swarr • Lori A. Haas • Angelica Moreno Community Response to an Opioid Crisis: Strengthening Partnerships and Training for Effective Response to Opioid Related Emergencies in Communities Grays Peak 3Lindsey Kato • Lindsey Myers • Shannon Breitzman Developing a Survey for a Unique Population: Promoting Healthy Living and Tobacco Cessation among Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Longs PeakMichelle Hewitt Disparities in Use of Postpartum Contraception Among Urban Adolescents and Youth: Effect on Repeat Pregnancies  Torreys Peak 4Margo Harrison • Jeanelle Sheeder • Arthur Davidson • Carter Sevick • Sharon Scarbro • Rachel Zucker Fighting Stress on the Frontlines: Services, Adaptations, and Techniques to Address Hispanic/Latino Stress in Home Visiting Quandary Peak 2Antonio Luna • Amanda Bolton • Jessica Ruch Innovations in Accessing and Visualizing Colorado's Public Health Surveillance Data or: It's About Time COHID was Retired Grays Peak 2Kirk Bol Measuring Up: Setting Achievable Targets for Community Health Improvement Planning Torreys Peak 1Alyson Shupe • Adam Anderson • Chris White Providing Water for All Colorado School-Aged Students is Something to Smile About Colorado Rockies BallroomJennifer Moreland • Christymarie Jackson • Laura Podewils • Erin Harris (Slay) Second Chance:  Addressing Youth Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Use through Non-Punitive Consequences Grays Peak 1Amanda Nichols The Need for Nutrition Care Guidelines for Transgender Patients Torreys Peak 3Emma Sickles, RDN “How Do You Take a Picture of Disparity?”: Using Photovoice to Understand Community Health Priorities Across Western Colorado Quandary Peak 3Andrea Nederveld • Tanner Mihesuah • Shauntel Thomas • Phoenix Wing • Elena Broaddus